Sonja Morgan’s plastic surgeon Dr. Kassir reveals details of her ‘liquid nose job’

Sonja Morgan’s plastic surgeon Dr. Kassir reveals details of her ‘liquid nose job’

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Sonja Morgan is not done getting work done.

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The “Real Housewives of New York” star — who had a neck and facelift earlier this year — visited Dr. Ramtin Kassir’s office in New York this week to get a nonsurgical rhinoplasty known as a “liquid nose job.”

“It’s filler in the nose,” Kassir told Page Six on Thursday. “She has a little bit of a bump, it’s a little crooked and it’s a little long. What we do is we straighten it, shorten it, and lift it all with filler.”

He said patients see the final results of the filler “immediately.”

“There is no downtime, no recovery, no pain meds,” Kassir said. “It lasts one to two years.”

The board-certified plastic and cosmetic surgeon, who has been in practice for nearly 24 years, said he began performing nonsurgical rhinoplasties in 2006 with another “Real Housewife,” Jacqueline Laurita of “Real Housewives of New Jersey.”

The noninvasive procedure is preferable for people who are not ready to go under the knife and just want a preview of what their nose would look like with a few tweaks.

“Some people see the preview and say, ‘Wait a minute, if I can just do filler and never have to get surgery, why would I ever get surgery?’” Kassir said.


However, the doctor cautioned that only medical experts who are “extremely experienced” should perform this because noses are a “danger area” and can lead to blindness or necrosis.

Nonsurgical rhinoplasties cost between $2,800 to $5,000 and surgical rhinoplasties start at $20,000.

Kassir revealed to us that Morgan, 56, has actually been getting liquid nose jobs for a decade. She began her stint on “RHONY” in 2010.

“The Sonja you’ve seen for the last ten years, her nose, I’ve been doing it,” Kassir said.

The plastic surgeon shared that the reality star came back for a touch up this week because she thought her new facelift highlighted some of her nose’s imperfections.

Dr. Kassir
Dr. KassirDr. Kassir

“[The face lift] has nothing to do with what we do to the nose, but she said now that her neck and face are cleaned up, her nose stands out even more, so she came in to do it,” Kassir said.

Morgan is due back in Kassir’s office on Friday, where he will complete his transformation of the “RHONY” star’s nose with a septoplasty, a surgical procedure that straightens the bone and cartilage that divides the space between the two nostrils.

“It will make her nostrils more symmetrical,” he said. “Fillers only work on the outside to make it smoothed out from the outside.”

Morgan will be “wide awake” for the surgery with only local anesthesia during the procedure.

“She’s a good patient,” Kassir said. “She’s not dramatic. She follows instructions.”

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