Nengi bursts into tears after Ozo ignored her and did these 5 things to her during the party

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Nengi Of Big Brother Is Crying Out Loud Because She Was Ignored By Ozo And Others
Nengi Has Finally Quit Her Friendship With Ozo See Video

The moment Nengi was crying bitterly because Ozo ignored her at the party and Laycon was consoling her

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Nengi was crying after the party uncontrollably shouting that “what did she do for Ozo that made him to ignore her like that?” She was very depressed and Laycon and Vee were the ones consoling her. She was in tears and she was very hurt by what Ozo did to her. What did Ozo did to her? Read this article patiently to get the full gist without missing anything.

Tonight is the final Saturday Night party of the Big Brother Naija Season 5. In order to make the housemates happy, Big Brother decides to reunite them with their fellow housemates who have been evicted from the House. Big Brother brought Ozo, Praise, Prince, Tolanibaj, Lucy, Tricky Tee, Lilo, Eric, Brighto, Kaisha, Wathoni, Tochi, Kiddwaya, and Ka3na to the house so that they can enjoy the final party alongside the top finalists, Vee, Nengi, Laycon, Dorathy and Neo.

It was only Erica that was missing in the party because of her disqualification. So as to prevent any form of physical contact or communication, Big Brother shields the ex-housemates away from the current housemates with a transparent glass and with the use of two guards who put the housemates in order. Just as expected, the current housemates who had no idea of what was about to happen in the party room were very excited when they saw their loved ones. They all scream when they saw them in the party room. Back to how Ozo snubs Nengi that made her feel somehow in the party, read this article patiently to get the full gist.

The first thing was when Nengi first saw Ozo. Nengi was so excited as she screamed and said it loudly that is this for real? She was expecting Ozo to come close to her via the transparent glass but immediately, Kiddwaya calls Ozo to order. Ozo just smiled at her and move to Ka3na. Nengi looked surprise.

The second thing was the moment Nengi saw how Ozo was rocking Ka3na very hard in the party. Nengi has never experienced this kind of thing with Ozo before. He has never seen him rock any girl like that before. He was always chasing after her but this night, Ozo peppered her as he was busy dancing with Ka3na without even looking at her side.

The third thing is that Ozo made Nengi look like she was a stranger to him last night. His behavior totally changed to her. Instead of finding for a way to communicate with her or even show her some gestures of how much he has missed her, Ozo was moving around dancing with at least two girls at a time. At a point, it even looks like Ozo has told those girls to be free around him so as to pepper Nengi.

After everythig that Ozo has seen Nengi did with Laycon, he may have seen another perspective of Nengi. For the fact that, Nengi allowed a guy to rock her and rub on her buttocks that way in the Jacuzzi, it shows that she does not have much respect for her body or she is busy playing a game and not being real. Ozo has seen lots of things lately which may have made him change completely to Nengi. Now that he is exposed to lots of girls, he can never be as clingy as he was with Nengi again.

Nengi is in too much pain as she could not hold herself back. She was crying and feeling bad that Ozo is now ignoring her. Who do you support on this? Ozo or Nengi?

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