Kanye West Celebrates Being The Highest Paid Male Celebrity

Kanye West Celebrates Being The Highest Paid Male Celebrity

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Following the news that Ye had officially become the highest-paid male celebrity, Yeezy took a moment to reflect on the future.

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Kanye West may be more divisive than ever, but it’s hard to deny that the legendary producer’s win column is looking stacked as of late. In fact, many have been swayed by Ye’s dedication to his vision, a quality that has paid dividends even amidst a slew of seemingly unrelenting judgment. Currently enjoying his position as one of hip-hop’s billionaires, Yeezy recently found himself topping Forbes’ tally of the highest-paid celebrities in 2020 (the only musician to score a placement in the top ten), coming second only to Kylie Jenner.

Of course, anybody even remotely familiar with Kanye West’s unwavering need to be the decisive best could see where this one was going. Though clearly pleased with the announcement, Ye took to Twitter to simultaneously celebrate the accomplishment and set further goals for himself moving forward. “This a good start,” he reflects, sharing a screen-shot of the headline in question.

Interestingly enough, Kanye has been an occasional critic of Forbes, namely following their report that he had reached billionaire status in April. By his count, his net worth had already surpassed the milestone — “It’s $3.3 billion since no one at Forbes knows how to count,” he wrote, seemingly displeased with their undervalued assessment. And while he might have once harbored a slight grudge, it would appear that Yeezy has since moved past it, taking to Twitter to celebrate accordingly. And for what it’s worth, it doesn’t seem that he’ll be slowing down anytime soon — who knows, maybe Jesus Tok will actually become a reality.