Bryson Tiller Announces His Next Studio Album, ‘Serenity’

Bryson Tiller Announces His Next Studio Album, ‘Serenity’

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With the announcement of this single, Tiller also announced his next album, Serenity, is coming this fall on the music video.

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Serenity, possibly stylized s e r e n i t y, serves as Bryson Tiller’s third studio album, expected in 2019.

Tiller first teased the project’s title in December 2017 with a picture of his daughter, Harley, on the beach. Although it is unconfirmed, the picture could be the album’s cover art.

It’s unclear when the project will drop, but Tiller had teased the album as being full of “summer vibes.” He tweeted on May 29th, 2018:

the serenity project is full of summer vibes and songs that make me happy. so summertime sounds about right, if all goes as planned of course. 🙏

Bryson Tiller later posted an announcement on his Instagram on December 12th, 2018, where he explained that the album would be delayed:

What type of music should we expect on this project?
On a deleted post, Bryson Tiller described his upcoming album as one with “summer vibes”.

When is the album set to release?
The release date hasn’t been released yet but in May 2018, he teased that the project would be released in the summer.

Stream Bryson Tiller’s Inhale video below;